Equipment Committee

The safe management of the use of medical devices is an essential requirement to ensure the safety of both patients and staff.


The purpose of the Equipment Committee of The College of Anaesthesiologists is to look into clinical aspect, specification requirements, equipment standards that provides safe and reliable operation of medical equipment used in the treatment of intensive care patients, patients subjected anaesthesia and other critically ill patients.

The aim of the Committee is to ensure that the equipment provides accurate, reliable information to the clinicians, that the equipment is safe for the patients and operators, and that the equipment is utilized to its fullest capacity in order to optimize patient care.

Before the Equipment Committee was formed there was no proper formal method of getting end-user feedback about the medical equipment to the Tender Board of the Ministry of Health. Expert Working Group was formed as a joint collaboration of the College of Anaesthesiologists, The Biomedical Institute of Sri Lanka under the guidance and advice of the Secretary of the Ministry of Health. 

As the Expert Working Group of Equipment Committee we work in close harmony with The Biomedical Institute of Sri Lanka in a reinvigorating effort to streamline the process and of medical equipment purchase by setting standards, looking into and collecting data on post-market clinical issues. This create an opportunity to make aware  the Tender Boards in the Ministry of Health about the issues of the existing equipment in an objective way and to make decisions on new purchases.


College Members of the Expert Work Group
Dr. Kumudini Ranatunga Consultant Anaesthetist
Dr. Ramya Amarasena Consultant Anaesthetist
Dr. Anoma Perera Consultant Anaesthetist
Dr. Chandana Karunarathne Consultant Anaesthetist






31st Annual Scientific Sessions

28th January 2015 to 3rd February 2015

Closing dates for following will be 31st October 2014

1. Free Papers - Sashidaran Prize

2. LMV Attygalle Prize Competition

3. Graham Arthurs Prize Competition

4. Poster Competition for Sashidaran Prize


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